The winningthinking Executive Game Changer™

This is a simple pictorial summary of how we see the leadership challenge of 2021

This challenge is a serious threat to businesses and well-being that tragically very few people see.

Below is a picture from an anonymous source in 1930s Germany. Augustus Landmasser was the only worker in the crowd that saw this issue and or refused to go along with it.

What are the 3-5 business problems that you should immediately resolve? The GAME CHANGER™ deals with these problems in 1 day.

New perspectives enable us to take new actions and new skills open the options

The 2020 Game Changer ™  gets you thinking to realign strategy, free your people and reopen your options for profit and growth.

“It is exciting…”

An introduction from Ollie Philips (the former England 7s rugby Captain) and leadership pioneer

Carrie’s comments on the impact of the Winningthinking® Game Changer Team Program in her capacity as professional services CEO

Jens CEO of SuperTrends & David McLean CEO DRM Group share their experiences of the game changer leader program

Nick Harrington CEO of Eximius Group & David Berkeley CEO EV Founders share their experiences of the game changer leader program

An introduction to the® Individual Executive Champion Program

The ‘winningthinking’ Individual Leader GAMECHANGER Programme

  • The 2020 Game Changer creates internal champions to get you thinking to:

    • realign strategy, free up your people, get to new action and reopen your options for profit and growth.

  • The Game Changer for individual leaders (within a mixed executive cohort) programme includes:

    • week 1 – 30 minute introduction on Zoom

    • week 2 – 30 minute Zoom review observations and actions chapters 1-4

    • week 2 – 30 minute Zoom review observations, actions and outcomes chapters 5-8

    • week 3 – 30 minutes Zoom review observations, actions and outcomes chapters 9-12

    • week 4 case studies single observation and action & debrief – final feedback

  • accreditation is available as required

  • these masterclasses are for cohorts of up to 8 people run weekly budget c£2400 per delegate.

An introduction to the® Executive Team Day

The 1 Day Executive Team off site GAMECHANGER is run typically for 4-12 executives / or key leadership team members to: create your own jazzband™ to achieve very highest performance from your team capable of:

    • removing the obstacles and take the action to immediately realign strategy and meet your objectives

    • creating intimate relationships between team members to enable fearless open communication

    • establishing the skills to transform capability and what has been holding your success back

    • establishing the way of working and skills to take immediate action as well as stay on track

    • realigning from this point your strategy “on the job”

    • disseminating and encourage thinking, new action at all levels in your organisation

    • regaining the humanity to reset relationships

    • intimacy, oneness, integrity and openness

    • achieve double-digit profit profit improvement and get to cash and or deliver programs far faster and on time every time

The team game changer team includes:

    • a one short pre-team day review with a subset of your key leadership team and chosen champion,

    • to set the objectives, and confirm the process for the winningthinking® team day

    • 12 weeks support for your chosen winningthinking® champion to drive and embed the capability in your business as usual, administer the outcomes, schedule of results and hold the client’s team to account.

ALL WE ASK IS TO BRING AN OPEN MIND AND HIGH EXPECTATIONS – we will facilitate the rest, all we need from you to get started is:

    • a date/time for the 1 hour meeting, links to the sub team members LinkedIn profiles, your nominated champion (articulate, independent and driven), your simple 5 bulleted objectives (the boundaries.)

    • your chosen date, location and time for the off site team day normally. Allow 4-6 hours for from 4 up to 12 executives, with lunch in between, its hard work. The names and LinkedIn profiles for the full team. We recommend an offsite location and recommend Ashridge House and can organise the venue as required.

    • full payment required upfront to secure the date, preparation and resource for your day. No refunds. Full commitment.

    • with your full commitment, we guarantee breakthrough and hard results.

An introduction to the® process

Please click here to request the password for the introduction to the process

Go Cardless link to sign up to the Individual Leadership Game Changer

Click here for the winningthinking® terms of business, all contracts are placed upon winningthinking® so are subject to and placed upon these terms. These terms cover:

  1. terms of using the winningthinking® content,
  2. license for the winningthinking® technology,
  3. collaborative return for partner introductions,
  4. way of working with partners and delegates
  5. training instructor matrix and support framework

If you have any questions – please email our CEO to discuss anything or refinements.

Only the best,


Founder and CEO

The 2020 Executive Half Day Game Changer™ and Online Game Changer™


Unless we realign our skills and action, the 2020s will present some exponential challenges?

There’s no deadline, there’s no discount, there’s no push. Just access to the greatest development opportunity.

In fact, if you’re on the fence at all, please spend your money on something else. The quality of your outcome depends upon the quality of your commitment, so we only want to attract people with an open mind and who are passionate about contributing to achieving results. If this kind of opportunity feels right to you, you’ll know it.

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