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Why have we formed the world-growth-group™?

It’s simple: YOU are stuck in your outdated thinking and approaches!

We are forming the world-growth-group™ to liberate and upskill the mavericks in organisations to enable them to create jazz bands to make accelerated re-invention part of the day job:

From the last 30 discussions at “THE PUB” it is clear

  1. even the best pre c19 “leadership skills” are now defunct

  2. actions are misaligned with the challenge

  3. CEOs / board are more likely to get in the way than lead this

  4. we are becoming unable to conduct difficult discussions

  5. leaders are becoming dependent when independent action is required

Attempts to control free speech are causing relationships to break down – and those that challenge the status quo or search out the truth – become silenced obfuscating the true picture or challenge.

Silence is the toughest issue to fix?

As Billy Ocean said “when the going gets tough the tough get going” but where are these champions?

The world-growth-group™ has been set up to:

  1. create the people capability for these champions to create the jazz bands capable of meeting the emerging challenge

  2. roll out the jazz band capability to critically and freely think

    1. save the #UK economy

    2. build #intimacy

    3. take #newction

    4. get a grip of #technology

    5. & open #new opportunities

This enables POSITIVE GROWTH on all fronts and creates increased and sustainable profits.

The stakes are high

  1. The irony of c19 is that c19 has exposed the flaws, but in fact, C19 is NOT the cause.

  2. The issue with the emerging scenario is the cumulative issues that have been built up over the last 40 years.

  3. c19 has just flagged these up – BUT they NOW need immediate action.

The stakes are high, so even if c19 goes, we will still have the same issues to resolve…

It will be the minority that leads these changes

As David Jensen FRSA outlined at THE PUB CEOs and boards will NOT lead the way.

CEOs will more likely get in the way, so the jazzband capability by upskilling champions is required from top-bottom.

Now is a perfect time to create great relationships and a capability fit for the challenge.

The members of the world-growth-group™ leverage the capability

The world-growth-group™ are committed to realising the cumulative benefit of working together to enable accelerated re-invention by:

  • Leveraging and scaling up the winningthinking®  gamechanger™ capability

  • Opening up the positive growth opportunities within the situations you are grappling with

  • Deepening relationships and collaborating closely: the basis of our own world-growth-group™ #jazzband

The world-growth-group™ creates the capability and fluidity to face the immense lateral challenges we now face.

To join the world-growth-group™:

  • Cost is £250/ month to attend the 2 world-growth-group™ 45 minute webinars per month.

  • for independent leaders

    • The commercial upside is as per the membership agreement, 25% of the game changer fees paid coming from a successful engagement that the world-growth-group™ member introduces

  • for corporate mavericks

    • we will provide you with an expedient solution to seamlessly establish your #jazzbands.

The expectation is that the world-growth-group™ team members individually take a lead to break the deadlock to make this happen.

Without the winningthinking capability – organisations are stuck in the mud.

To sign up to the world-growth-group™ Forum

  1. email to apply to join both of our 45-minute webinars per month

  2. sign up to your subscription at £250+vat/month for 3 months

    • 2 months is payable in advance to ensure your full commitment, (non-refundable)

  3. if you are not a winning thinking alumnus and would like to join the next cohort doing the winning thinking program email me at:

All purchase orders are placed upon these terms:

Our Code of Conduct 

Terms of the Licence for SOLE use only, team use is available upon request

The Go-Cardless Payment link to sign up to the world- growth-group

The battle between #EI and #IQ is becoming clearer:

  • done right EQ enables you to identify and fix the RIGHT problem,

  • and IQ enables you fix the RIGHT or those with low EQ, the WRONG problem faster.

Many smart leaders with high IQ let their egos / intellect take over. This wastes time justifying fixing the wrong problem and or leading the team in the wrong direction.

Below are some comments on why EI matters from the head of Darpa, Ken Gabriel and how they resolved the stealth of the US Stealth fighter program by challenging the “world view” or mantra that stealth is achieved by making the aircraft faster and more agile. In so doing the teams realised that stealth was achieved by slowing the jet down rather than following the false “world view” of speed and agility.

So IQ, when EQ is in short supply, really only creates noise and bolsters ego.

So new capabilities are NOW required to thrive?

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The Go-Cardless Payment link to sign up to the world- growth-group

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The Go-Cardless Payment link to sign up to the world- growth-group

What’s the issue to fix? Take the Darpa US Stealth Fighter Program…

A technology CEO’s view

A cross section of client’s views

Our capability is the result of our team parachuting into and guiding over 200 businesses like yours over 30 yrs. It’s hard to believe maybe, but we will show you a different perspective to immediately identify the issue and action to immediately turnaround performance. Our approach is based on powerful Psychology that over 100 international Chairs/CEOs/Presidents have used to achieve Masters Degrees.

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