The winningthinking® approach achieved buy-in from the rest of the team the benefits were there for all to see.” Tom increased the divisional profit annually by 10%. I honestly believe that without his input at a crucial stage in the project we may well still be thinking and planning today

Managing Director, Arjo Huntleigh

in an incredibly short period the winningthinking® program imparted, not just mechanistic knowledge, but deep understanding these tools will make me a significantly more effective leader who is extracting the highest possible performances from my team.”

Former Marketing Director, Arm Holdings Plc

“Having experienced the icebreaker program, I can now see exactly the application of this material to Turnaround or Business Critical scenario’s.”

Tyrone Courtman, TMA President

The winningthinking® approach  is an unique team based approach that provides outstanding return on investment. I warmly recommend winningthinking® to all.

Sean Clancy CPO, Baxters Foods

Tom meticulously guided the team, working within his revised management structure the winningthinking® approach started to quickly deliver results, which took the whole team by surprise. Tom achieved a more capable, competent and confident team.

Paul Gardner Engineering Manager, Safran Aerospace Group SA

In just 4 days of due diligence at Birkbys Plastics we gained credibility with the vehicle manufacturers armed with the root cause, sound analysis and a recovery plan, great job”

General Partner , Venture Capital

“I would recommend the icebreaker program to any business needing a rapid and intelligent diagnosis of its strategic position and clarity. It brought clarity and focus and they encourage direct and concise communication within the management team”

Paul Cunningham MD, Aspace Retail

“Trend is a mould breaking story of successful change from make to stock to make to order combined in rare fashion with both high Product variety and shortest possible lead times. That’s why as Pickering says Trend is having its cake and eating it.”

Marek, Cranfield University

Winningthinking® provides vital pressure for progress, quality input and the valuable opportunity to sound ideas out and instrumental in a crisp weekly format, clarity so the function of our Senior Management Team has improved substantially”.

Retail CEO, Multisite retailer

“It’s not about the telling piece, it’s about the enforcing people to actually think for themselves and be responsible for their own self development and learning and growing as individuals”

Alistair, Banking expert and lawyer

“winning thinking® was absolutely awesome, I think it is fair to say that we all got a huge amount out of it and it has really changed the way we work everyday. A big thank you to Tom for all of the help that he has given us in the journey.”

Carry Osman, CEO & Founder, Cruxy & Company

I have to say, I am quite reticent of these things at times because having done a lot of training and off-sites, but the way he took us through the journey of unpicking how we really think about the business, our limiting beliefs, making sure that we instill the time to really think things through as a firm, was very much a breakthrough.

Tech CEO, Techco