The 30 PUB talks – whats the emerging scenario and the solution?

The internationally recognised panelists consist of (Turnaround CEO and 2020 Game Changer) Tom Pickering, is hosted by (International Turnaround CEO) Mike Stewart, (representing the UK special forces and leadership in extreme situations) David McLean and the US tech veteran David Allen . Special guests will join the panel from VCs, deal makers, lawyers and other professionals deeply engaged at the coalface in resolving these challenges.

If you would like to apply to join the panel on one of these events, feel free to reach out on email.

Attendees will get the password to the previous videos in their follow up email, having attended an event.

We much look forwards to you getting involved in the fire side discussion at “THE PUB” to make sense of the “NEW NORMAL.”

The 2020 Webinar Series

“The Pub.” WILL YOU?