Purely in a business context, what does good look like – the “Jazz Band Metaphor”

What does a great Jazz band look like:

“observe and enjoy the intimacy”, “overflowing and engaging the customer”, “taking new action without fear”. “With a love for each other” to “hold the team accountable for excellence”. “A high octane human environment” “for breakthrough results”, “on the job learning” and “new product development and profit”.

3 steps to guide you and create your own “Jazz band”:

  1. Join a leader cohort or a Game Changer Team day to guide you to NEW action

  2. Join a weekly jazz band Cohort, in 30 minutes action your current challenges and hone your skills

  3. open up seemingly impossible opportunities to create new winningthinking powered jazz bands globally

OR if you are facing an out and out crisis and are running out of options, call us on +44(0) 207 193 5518 that’s our comfort zone and can act to support you immediately.

Why create a Jazz Band?

The stakes are high:

These are the consequences we guide clients away from…

Are you fighting yesterday’s battle, today’s battle with yesterdays weapons or today’s battle with the right set of tools?

Some of the members of the Iconic Winningthinking 2020 Jazz Band share their thoughts:

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