The winningthinking Executive Game Changer™

What are the 3-5 business problems that you should immediately resolve? The GAME CHANGER™ deals with these problems in 1 day.

The 2020 Game Changer ™  gets you thinking to realign strategy, free your people and reopen your options for profit and growth. This is exciting?

The 2020 Executive Half Day Game Changer™ and Online Game Changer™


CEOs, portfolio directors and FDs are cordially invited to The 2020 CEO Game Changer™ Working Half Day. We hold this at the beautiful location of Ashridge House at Berkhamsted, UK or run the Game Changer™ online.

 This is a unique opportunity to remove the obstacles to you achieving, reviewing and fluidly realigning your 2020s objectives.

  • During The half day Team or Online Game Changer™ executives will be able to:
    1. identify the critical common underlying denominators that “they don’t know they don’t know”.
    2. act on the common factors that detract from their business performance and blindside executives.
      1. (These have been collated from the sharp end of the turnaround of 200: very profitable; critical; distressed, static or award-winning business scenarios.)
    3. learn how to identify and take immediate corrective action to correct their performance, their profit gaps and get to growth.
    4. embed the counter intuitive capability required to future proof and protect their business value from these hidden threats and open new business opportunities.
  • Learn the Game Changer™ Tools In the context of your objectives and peers, at the WinningThinking® GAME CHANGER team day, we give you a PROVEN set of tools, and STRUCTURE that will specifically show you how to RESOLVE the (hidden) factors that are restraining your business growth, reducing your profits by double digits, undermining your relationships and preventing your team from implementing results. (Successful Case Studies will be made available for discussion and review)
  • Action the Game Changer™ perspective: on the day, you will take new self-realised actions from these game-changer perspectives to immediately turn around your business and turbo-charge key people’s performance.
  • Learn the Game Changer™ process: You will consider over 70 winning counter-intuitive perspectives from the 12 Game Changer chapters, from which each of you will identify and immediately put into practice 12 new actions (each!). These discoveries will be unique to you and will align with your team and the specific objectives you set for the session. The unique dialogue and sharing with your peers will transform relationships too, producing immediate results, whilst removing the barriers and thereby paving the way to enhanced future results. You will learn a new set of tools and way of working to enable you to innovate faster, remain on track and experience how liberating it is to take new action, achieve growth, increase gross margins by double digits and re-open the options. You will be able to recognise issues, adapt and respond with agility, keeping out of trouble and propelling the business goals forward.
  • Preparation before the Executive Half Day Game Changer
    1. (30 minutes per delegate) Customers circulate the case studies for single action, observations from 2020 challenges video, for team to send responses in confidence to
    2. (60 minutes per champion) review 4 chapters via their 12m licenced vimeo access:
      1. As part of this package, we will include 1 licences for 12 months online access to the Game Changer™ content for the Champion and another executive lead.

You will learn how to resolve seemingly intransigent case studies such as these and “fix the right problem.”

We run these events for up to 8 people every month at Ashridge House starting on January 16th 2020 and on the 3rd Thursday of every month thereafter and or can organise bespoke timing at your chosen global location.

The Online Virtual GAME CHANGER™

Schools shut. Workplaces shut.  Home working. Spend 30 minutes a day to learn winningthinking and take the ACTION to become a certified GAME CHANGER™ . The GAME CHANGER™ has a fully virtual option. We’re aiming to start programmes over the next week for executive peer groups of 8 from the same company, and separate groups of 8 for executives from different businesses.

The Online Game Changer includes 2 hours over 12 weeks of 1-1 coaching via video conference at a time of day/ evening to suit you.

If this kind of opportunity feels right to you, you will know it. DM us for a discussion or email us to apply to join us online or in person.

To best retain the value, please invite a trusted peer to attend with you or join you on the online program.

Cost is £1,200 per person +VAT for the Half Day or £1,000 plus VAT, the process is well proven – immediate results guaranteed. This includes a 1-1 license to the winningthinking chapters for 12 months, alongside remote support over 12 weeks. Click the PayPal link below and pay in advance to secure your place.

The half Day provides a serious networking opportunity alongside some of the leading international executives and business owners. We look forward to kicking off breakthrough results for you this coming decade. There’s no deadline, there’s no discount, there’s no push. Just access to this great development opportunity.

Having paid please click on the reserve my place link below to email a couple of convenient dates for us to spend an hour to get you started, and we will send you the link to access the GAME CHANGER™ content. All contracts placed are based upon the terms of this license agreement which is for solo use only. Bring 110% commitment, so payments are not refundable. Please email for the password to the license agreement.

Unless we realign our action. The 2020s present some increasingly exponential challenges.

There’s no deadline, there’s no discount, there’s no push. Just access to the greatest development opportunity.

In fact, if you’re on the fence at all, please spend your money on something else. The quality of your outcome depends upon the quality of your commitment, so we only want to attract people with an open mind and who are passionate about contributing to achieving results. If this kind of opportunity feels right to you, you’ll know it.