A series of discussions to explain how EDI strategy gets corrupted and problematic dialogue

Wisdom and Meaning

How do you find the wisdom and discernment to do the RIGHT things to resolve these challenges?

The main challenge and reason why we are in trouble on so many fronts is the need to shift from “growth and domination” –  to “relationships and profit”

Its a psychology issue to overcome these embedded norms.

What are the types of issues we must resolve to create sustainable businesses?
addiction to Chinese goods and unethical economies – “China has been main source of keeping inflation low – not good as it’s an intentional Chinese strategy to control the global economy”
resist the 7 deadly sins – “profit is OK but greed is the main trasher of the planet and businesses”
incessant focus on the flawed mantra of growth – “growth is NOT a solution its the reason why we are in trouble”
reduce consumption to achieve sustainability – “tech solutions etc really make 0 difference”
increasing pricing – “to reduce consumption and maintain profit and wealth”
doing stupid things without discernment that are destroying the fabric of society – “crypto, block chain, edutech, social media”
maintain dialogue and love thy enemies, – “an enemy is normally just someone you don’t understand – don’t cancel”
Learnings and strategic shifts from the pandemic:

How to achieve results in 1 day
breakthrough results – “relationships and PROFIT”
become aware of what drives us and up-skill – “get ahead and back in control”
take new perspectives – “the ability to take NEW action”
re-establish logos / love and relationships between us – “from which ethics and strategy naturally follow”
unwind flawed DEI and parasitic tech strategies – “understand how to identify thinly veiled Neo-Marxism and addictive parasitic tech strategies destroy your profits”

Defining ideology, values or behaviours don’t create inclusivity nor performing teams, it leads to a tyranny:

… this is why ideology goes wrong and insight into how to create an inclusive high performing culture

Wisdom and Meaning

Wisdom and meaning are discovered through human connectedness, love, and oneness. This is the basis of knowledge, truth, wisdom and being. The issue is the vulnerability of the unprepared mind without Logos which leads to totalitarianism that romanticises “ideals” and propaganda to create idols.

Doing the right thing: connection with the Logos

It is possible to reach the truth and still do the wrong thing – hence the importance of connecting with Logos.

Self reliance as a strategy

Have you noticed, despite the snake oil sales advice living under our own resources and relying on ourselves to define own purpose, simply gets us into a mess? It does not work?

It does not work because:

what we know is mostly wrong
we know virtually nothing of what there is to know
and since the dawn of time, we have been highly reliant on one another for our survival.

Self reliance, thinking that your own knowledge, and or infinite web knowledge is sufficient just defines narcissism.

But, conveniently self reliance fits with the atomizing tech and information strategies you are being manipulated into.

Creating an attractive vision

With no meaningful or attractive vision, facing reality becomes increasingly difficult and increasingly unpopular. Taking #NEWACTION is tough and gets increasingly more difficult, because the challenge is escalating and your current actions remain misaligned, so you have to swallow your pride. So persuading your teams to take the actions to resolve these core issues becomes increasingly unpopular, and conflicts with the populist: investment, tech, people and growth, strategies.

Yet notice how everyone is caught up in investing and executing tech!

So where are you looking for your direction?

Maintaining humility, our vulnerability, accessibility and developing our human connection, connectedness, oneness, communication are critical to our success, survival and well-being.

Logos centred leadership an intro for you in 17 minutes

Regardless of whether you have a successful, fast growth profitable, uncertainty or troubled business…

What are the simple subtle perspectives to achieve enormously powerful outcomes, breakthrough as well as realising intimate business relationships?

These capabilities are the crux of our powerful metaphor and outcome “THE IMPROVISING JAZZ BAND” fueled by intimate relationships, these bands performing without a script and improvise seamlessly to adjust live to delight the audience.

“Simple perspectives to achieve very powerful outcomes” “We see patterns before we know the issue” “We think we know things that we don’t know” “We join the dots from our imagination” Are we really listening or looking for confirmation of what we originally thought”

Experienced TECH CEO

“People confuse mental activity with thinking” “I have taken away a deeper understanding of the importance of thinking and why people don’t think”, “generalisations are such a normal part of life because it’s the easiest thing to do,” “ ”business is good” or what-ever, because it save you thinking, and people believe it,” “shone light on it for me for how much I / we generalise,” “and how important it is to get people to get people to think clearly”

CEO & Psychologist

It’s such a privilege to be able to realise such powerful business results

Tom Pickering Founder & CEO

EQ and IQ

The battle between #EI and #IQ is becoming clearer:

done right EQ enables you to identify and fix the RIGHT problem,
and IQ enables you fix the RIGHT problem or those with low EQ, the WRONG problem faster.

Many smart leaders with high IQ let their egos / intellect take over. This wastes time justifying fixing the wrong problem and or leading the team in the wrong direction.

Below are some comments on why EI matters from the head of Darpa, Ken Gabriel and how they resolved the stealth of the US Stealth fighter program by challenging the “world view” or mantra that stealth is achieved by making the aircraft faster and more agile. In so doing the teams realised that stealth was achieved by slowing the jet down rather than following the false “world view” of speed and agility.

So IQ, when EQ is in short supply, really only creates noise and bolsters ego.

So new capabilities are NOW required to thrive?

What’s the issue to fix? Take the Darpa US Stealth Fighter Program…

What is the outcome of the winningthinking® leadership program? – Jens Hansen CEO of Supertrends Institute

A technology CEO’s view

A cross section of client’s views

Our capability is the result of our team parachuting into over 200 businesses like yours over 30 yrs. Its hard to believe maybe, but we will show you a different perspective to immediately identify the issue and action to immediately turnaround performance. Our approach is based on powerful Psychology that over 100 international Chairs/CEOs/Presidents have used to achieve Masters Degrees.

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