The following 4 actions are at the root of the UKs and West’s current demise from 2020/22, SO THESE 5 BOOKS share the skills to get the global capability back on track

The solution is far more exciting – we have infinite capability which is predicated upon relationships and profit.

Jordan Peterson the importance and “engaging / loving with your enemies” of free Speech from Russell Brands Show

Do you feel like you are being thrown about in a storm?

So what does good look like?

The current challenges have left strategies bare and leadership skills defunct. This is self-evident on many fronts:

  • increased panic,
  • tech obsession,
  • emerging tyrannical control,
  • isolation,
  • reducing profits
  • reducing free speech
  • and reduced well-being.

Leaving 48% of Americans now clinically depressed.

Wisdom and Meaning

Wisdom and meaning are discovered through human connectedness, love, and oneness. This is the basis of knowledge, truth, wisdom and being. The issue is the vulnerability of the unprepared mind without Logos which leads to totalitarianism that romanticises “ideals” and propaganda to create idols.

Doing the right thing: connection with the Logos

It is possible to reach the truth and still do the wrong thing – hence the importance of connecting with Logos.

Self reliance as a strategy

Have you noticed, despite the snake oil sales advice, living under our own resources and relying on ourselves to define own purpose simply gets us into a mess? It does not work?

It does not work because:

  • what we know is mostly wrong
  • we know virtually nothing of what there is to know
  • and since the dawn of time we have been highly reliant on one another for our survival.

Self reliance, thinking that your own knowledge, and or infinite web knowledge is sufficient just defines narcissism.

But, conveniently self reliance fits with the atomizing tech and information strategies you are being manipulated into.

Creating an attractive vision

With no meaningful or attractive vision, facing reality becomes increasingly difficult and increasingly unpopular. Taking newaction is tough and gets increasingly more difficult, because the challenge is escalating and your current actions remain misaligned, so you have to swallow your pride. So persuading your teams to take the actions to resolve these core issues becomes increasingly unpopular, and conflicts with the populist: investment, tech, people and growth, strategies.

Yet notice how everyone is caught up in investing and executing tech!

So where are you looking for your direction?

Maintaining humility, our vulnerability, accessibility and developing our human connection, connectedness, oneness, communication are critical to our success, survival and well-being.

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“Why EDI must DIE”

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion the: pathology, destruction, restoration, and cure

Heidrick and Struggles Report 2022

So why are Equity, Diversity and Inclusion ideologies destroying people and businesses?

We take a broad view:

1 Thessalonians 5:3, NIV: While people are saying, ‘Peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly, as labour pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

“Peace and safety” are the divisive guises that underpin EDI. Even the The Bible suggests destruction is coming on them deploying these strategies.

“Implicit in digitalisation is standardisation and universality and becoming like our enemies to mitigate the downside.”

Peter Thiel adds “Egalitarianism’s excuse for failed elitism.”

In 1994 I was a director of an auto manufacturing company and I noticed that it required real skill to be honest. The CEO was great at drawing generalisations from isolated incidents to beat up his executives and create a smoke screen for lack of process.

Wokeness, according to Eric Kaufman, is the sacralisation of race, gender and sexual identities, so if any way you speak out against these groups of the ideology, you have committed blasphemy centred around social cultural socialism: equal outcomes and psychological harm protection.

People are very open to having their attitudes shifted in their late teens and early twenties, so these attitudes will likely solidify, and so social culturalism is only getting started. So pay attention.

The truth is, Wokies are destroying everything. Your business. Our world. The economy. Our children’s futures.

So if you’re ready to get a grip and ditch the slave-minded shackles that have silenced too many CEOs (and their employees) for too long, then keep reading.

It’s time to:

  • question reality and reject corruption
  • stop emotionally reacting to something you don’t understand for fear of being outcast or labelled
  • learn how to read situations and identify blind spots and manipulation
  • challenge the weird dialogue
  • ask the questions no one else has the courage to
  • and discover the real solution to fixing the woke fallout.

In short, it’s time to seek the truth. Woke is the parasite, not the solution.

And the enemy has a manipulative plan to silence us into inaction. But not everyone wants to be silent. We need you.

If you’re ready to start a much-needed dialogue into woke and stop its crushing ripple effect on your life, buy this book today.

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“The Evil of Silence” describes the challenge:

  • this is the antithesis of what good looks like, so, describes the emerging leadership challenge
  • and introduces the skills to address the challenge

The Evil of Silence: The Common Denominators of Woke Culture, Nazism, and Slavery

Introductory summary

The “woke” mechanism is the same one used to escalate the Nazi party. Very few people saw what was happening. Even less raised concerns.

The Evil of Silence is authored to inform the debate and provoke consideration and recognition of the consequences of the complex subject that is woke.

Nothing drives authoritarian control and victimhood more than Postmodernism or Woke Culture, Slavery, and even Nazism.

Even social media has become weaponized. Such global platforms allow dialogue to be presented and then unwittingly manipulated, leaving large corporations and even the UK Government in precarious positions. Pander to the woke culture or face reputation-damaging criticism?

When dialogue stops, physical or psychological violence starts.

The alternative? This book shares mechanisms to raise the awareness of and sharpen our skills to resolve tough issues in an increasingly disparaged environment. Otherwise, we are leaving ourselves and the very underpinning of society as we know it wide open to authoritarian control. The psychology that causes a company crisis is the same destructive psychology that fuels Woke Culture and Nazism.

The Evil of Silence precedes the debate presented in Tom Pickering’s latest book, Why Can’t We Stop! How to Avoid Menticide: The 2020’s Cause of Acting & Thinking Recklessly. Written by an unapologetic, quick-witted, hands-on business turnaround expert, portfolio chair, CEO, former Tech Silicon Valley Exec & MBA Masterclass Leader, the book offers a pragmatic take on the consequences of staying silent in a world that is in desperate need of social change.

Now is the time to become aware of the misleading guises of woke culture and speak up.

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Why can’t we stop!

How to avoid  menticide: the 2020’s cause of  acting & thinking recklessly

Why can’t we stop!: How to avoid menticide: the 2020’s cause of acting & thinking recklessly 

Introductory summary

Why Can’t We Stop?

We’re under threat. A threat that, left unnoticed, will culminate in mass hysteria.

It’s time to bridge the gap and question this threat of menticide because if left to seep into our subconscious and we don’t understand how to tackle it, our voices will diminish. One by one.

From the Bible and best practice to hundreds of company turnarounds, psychological analysis and a summary of the strategic shifts of the 2020-2021 crisis, the author draws on an eclectic range of sources to summarise his message for further consideration.

The intention of this book is not to brainwash you into the author’s way of thinking. Rather, the purpose of this pragmatic and practical book is to highlight the dire crisis society faces, encourage intelligent debate and provide you, the reader, with the knowledge to take back control.

So what are we facing? Are people simply becoming increasingly stupid? Or is tech getting cleverer? Are the boundaries between logic and illogic becoming so blurred we can’t think straight? How do can we handle the tyrannical views and shallow ideologies that swamp the media? Are we looking high enough up for our answers?

Let’s start the debate.

“You have infinite capability, regaining what good looks like”

  • to embark on the journey to realising infinite capability
  • allows you to experience “intimacy”, “connectedness,” at “onement” and ultimately “the Logos”

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The Psychology & Pathology of BigTech:

Technology is now the dominant parasite and the psychological pathology that has reduced you & your business to dope on a rope

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The Psychology & Pathology of BigTech: Technology is now the dominant parasite and the psychological pathology that has reduced you & your business to dope on a rope

Have leaders run out of moral authority?

Are we losing sight of what good looks like?

Is the Big Tech parasite controlling our attention, short-circuiting the dopamine and serotonin we would glean from natural group relationships, and destroying the fabric of society, business and wellbeing?

The overwhelming evidence in this book suggests so.

Business leaders have lost sight of what good looks like and are now as addicted to tech as their kids. Growth and development are more about obsessively and recklessly deploying technology – automating systems and reducing work – and less about people, relationships and contributing to society.

Dope on a Rope to tech – that’s what intelligent leaders have become. And they’re so duped and terrified by wokeness and post-modernism that they are being blindsided.

Tech is a convenient tool to silence the masses, bog people down in minutiae and quell conflict at individual and national levels. It is not ‘the future’. We do not have to upskill our tech skills to stay ahead.

We need to learn how we are being duped and upskill to get a better grip on how to stop the inevitable Big Tech rampage before it’s too late.


ISBN Title
978-1-9196337-0-1 The evil in silence – hardback
978-1-9196337-1-8 the evil in silence – e book
978-1-9196337-2-5 You have infinite ability – hardback
978-1-9196337-3-2 You have infinite ability – e book
978-1-9196337-4-9 The psychology and pathology of big Tech – hardback
978-1-9196337-5-6 The psychology and pathology of big Tech – ebook
978-1-9196337-6-3 Why cant you stop? mentacide e book
978-1-9196337-7-0 Why cant you stop? hardback

These executive development books are part of a related series.

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A signed 1st edition book copy

So, why do we have infinite capability:

It is through achieving oneness, connecting with our peers and the Logos.

At one with each other – ultimate at onement

  • Discover wisdom
  • Psychological intimacy
  • Team /beyond logos intimacy
  • Consciousness of reality and truth

Practicing Winningthinking realises these skills:

  1. Intimacy, free speech, and flow
  2. Strong sense of self
  3. Re-align perspective
  4. Truth orientation
  5. acknowledge and value different views
  6. take new action – grit

The feeling of being pushed around in a storm – just shows that we have been focusing on the wrong things, such as self-reliance / attempts to redefine of truth, killing Logos as the means of avoiding corruption.

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A signed 1st edition book copy

Avoid the tech Hamster Wheel its stopping you thinking – got control of your attention and you cant get off? That is addiction.

We find unstoppable strength and wisdom in our weakness.