Nick Harrington’s interview on THE GROWTH SHOW with Our CEO (please allow 59 minutes)

Tom Pickering, is a hands on business turnaround expert focussing on maximum cash return for clients. He knows how to immediately realise a point of certainty and return businesses back to profit, and cash. He guide leadership teams through redefining their core business and commercials and difficult restructuring, liquidation or refinancing transitions as may be required. As a portfolio chair, CEO, former Tech Silicon Valley Exec & MBA Masterclass Leader he has been Voted 2018’s CEO of the Year & 2020’s Game Changer Award, Turnaround Firm 2015-2020 and Consultant of the year 2020. An expert in high performance team development, he pioneered and launched a breakthrough leadership capability in 2006, winningthinking®. winningthinking® is the underlying capability that has enabled the multi award winning team, to turn around the performance over 200 companies achieve immediate results, breakthrough profit, grit and relationships, and open up options in challenged as well as very successful businesses too. winningthinking® is the basis of the 1 day team game changer program that identifies the issue to fix, resets the paradigms to realign strategy as well as create the basis and tools to maintain great relationships, achieve double digit profit and cash improvements. After an engagement, rather like an improvising Jazz band, business teams can then play the “music customers want to hear and remain energised, make far more money, stay ahead and on track.”

Mike Stewart is an experienced resilient energizing managing director of business turnarounds, acquisitions and acquisition integration. His experience encompasses large multinationals such as Sasol, Mondi, Anglo American, Linpac, Mainetti and Schletter as well as SME and Private Equity in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Mid East and Far East.

David McLean is a former: Royal Marine Commando; Special Forces  David is a renowned psychotherapist and CEO of the AFSH a 5000 strong organisation. David is expert at managing fear in adverse situations, and the actions to take to improve cognitive performance, emotional well-being and mental health. He teaches CPA, which is a well researched blend of neuroscience, psychology and the solution focused approach.

Our chairman John Webster has now retired from the team but by listening to the winningthinking technology, you will experience the techniques John has developed to transform his capability and train over 200 CEOs and C level executives. John had the pleasure of training the team, he is a keen para-glider and lives in South Africa. Many thanks for John’s contribution to our success.

We have trained an alumni of 46 turnaround professionals with a common aptitude, alongside a network of 3500 investors and proven professionals we have worked with.

Our capability is the result of our team parachuting into over 200 businesses like yours over 30 yrs. Its hard to believe maybe, but we will show you a different perspective to immediately identify the issue and action to immediately turnaround performance. Our approach is based on powerful Psychology that over 100 international Chairs/CEOs/Presidents have used to achieve Masters Degrees.

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