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Winning Thinking ® is a process that enables growth: by allowing your team to consider and challenge the status quo.

Each Short session kick-starts transformation…

An introduction from our CEO ⇒

Winning Thinking® is a Process that encompasses everything that the icebreaker team has learned whilst successfully turning around over 200 businesses over the last 15 years (and winning numerous awards whilst doing so).

Each session is headlined by the Facilitator showing a 3 minute animated video that succinctly presents some simple yet very searching perspectives.

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What does the future hold?

There are certain places you’d never think of visiting without being vaccinated. In business, the future is one of them… and it’ll be here tomorrow

Are you too busy?

“Things are great – we’re so busy that we haven’t even got time to think!” Truly successful businesses never just make money – they make time… Don’t you think?

Do a MBA?

More effective than any MBA at turning knowledge into value …and with instant results! Take Action… Address the real issues TODAY!

A Victim of Circumstance?

If you think there’s no way your business will ever be a victim of circumstance… YOU’D BE RIGHT… but only if there’s a comma after the word “think”

The program is built around 12 “chapters” that develop two key themes: engaging your people and achieving breakthrough results

Chapters 1-6… 

Engaging Your People 

1. Create a robust purpose (2min 15s)

2. How to engage employees (2min 54s)

3. Create committed employees (2min 28s)

4. Getting everyone thinking (2min 34s)

5. How to manage risk (2min 59s)

6. How to create trust (3min 24s)

Chapters 7-12…

Achieving Breakthrough Results

7. Achieve breakthrough (2min 48s)

8. Create sustainable profits (2min 55s)

9. Transform capability on the job (2min 27s)

10. Create time: Are you too busy? (2min 33s)

11. Get everyone implementing (1min 52s)

12. How to stay on track (3min 4s)

Whilst we provide the framework and boundaries – to transform your capability the answers must come from you! The discussions that follow are invariably extremely revealing, getting to the nub of the issues quickly in a non-threatening way that does away with confusing ‘management speak’. It’s a staggeringly effective process that’s actually enjoyable (how often can you say that about corporate development programs?)

But until you experience the Winning Thinking process in action, it’s unlikely that you’ll realise just how valuable it can be.  That’s why we’re running the following ‘taster’ events:


We are running breakfast events around the country with Prominent Speakers and Industry Leading participants. Following the speaker, the event will involve the industry leaders forming facilitated break-out groups that are tasked with using the winningthinking.uk approach to consider different actions to open exciting new business options.

Learn from your peers! During the session a spokesman for each group will report back on their breakthroughs and the realisations from the Winning Thinking approach.

The cost will be £100 per delegate, 100% of which will be rebated if the delegate’s business decides to engage the Winning Thinking Team to deliver programs within their organisation.


Designed to tackle specific challenges and opportunities that your business is facing, these sessions will be facilitated by one of the Icebreaker alumni who will involve up to 10 members of your team.  Issues can be addressed immediately. The discussion will be totally different and will transform your team’s interaction and relationships.

Whilst billed as an introductory Taster Session, we know you will achieve real breakthroughs, and derive specific and tangible benefits by experiencing the power of the winningthinking.uk approach.

The cost of these sessions is £1,500, up to 50% of which will be rebated if future business with the Winning Thinking team results.

An introduction to the process⇒

The WinningThinking® process uses 12 succinct videos to kick-start transformation

Meet our chairman John Webster who is regarded to be the best executive coach in the world and a phenom business leader. By listening to the winning thinking technology, you will experience the same techniques John has developed to transform his capability and train over 200 CEOs and C level executives. John had the pleasure of training the icebreaker team, he is a keen para-glider and lives in South Africa.

Meet Tom Pickering who is regarded as being one of the best turnaround practitioners in the modern era. He is CEO with Silicon Valley and Global experience, MBA Masterclass Leader and winner of  many prestigious awards since 2002. Making the right changes to Tom’s approach in 2005 transformed his team’s success. Learn how we have been so successful at turning around over 200 companies and yielding in 45x + cash return per assignment.

“The icebreaker approach achieved buy-in and the benefits were there for all to see: we increased the divisional profit annually by 10%. I honestly believe that without this input at a crucial stage in the project we may well still be thinking and planning today”

Ian Jones, Arjo Huntleigh

“In an incredibly short period the icebreaker program imparted, not just mechanistic knowledge, but deep understanding these tools will make me a significantly more effective leader who is extracting the highest possible performances from my team.”

Alistair Greenfield, Arm Holdings

“after 10 years and having spent £9.5m we were unable to get the medical device, organisation or operation right to get the product to market. The icebreaker approach enabled us to get the product to market on sale within 3 months. Over the next 6 months we launched the next medical device in 6 months for £500k”

Operations Director, Physiolab

“The icebreaker approach meticulously guided the team, working within the icebreaker revised management structure  started to quickly deliver results, which took the whole team by surprise. We achieved a more capable, competent and confident team.”

“In 4 days of due diligence at Birkbys Plastics we gained credibility with the vehicle manufacturers armed with the root cause, sound analysis and a recovery plan ”

Stephen Keating, Privet Capital

“I would recommend the icebreaker program to any business needing a rapid and intelligent diagnosis of its strategic position and clarity. It brought clarity and focus and they encourage direct and concise communication within the management team and provides vital pressure for progress along with quality input and the valuable opportunity to sound ideas out. It was instrumental in the introduction of clear and relevant KPIs together with a crisp weekly format for reviewing which means that the function of our Senior Management Team has improved substantially”.

Paul Cunningham, Aspace

“Having experienced the icebreaker program, I can see exactly the application of this material to Turnaround or Business Critical scenario’s.”

Tyrone Courtman, TMA President

“I want to do something I rarely do – introduce someone into my valued network. The reason for doing this is simple – this guy I want you to meet (Tom Pickering) is in a league of his own. He’s an engineer by profession, and we share many of the same thinking on business improvement. He produces amazing results.”

Chris Whyatt, Get To Great

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